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Was asked to promote as a "challenge" for the community. I'm a member of two other communities that are run by one of the mods in fictionland and they are very well-run, very civil, and very enjoyable to be a part of. :)
doctor xy

Hi hi!

I have made it back home in one piece! Also, have officially met my sister boyfriend. He's a sweetie. Madre thinks he looks like one of my cousins, which he kinda does, but hairier.

Came home on Saturday, quickly unloaded my crap and then went out for dinner (I got home at, like...idk...4) at The Golden West where I had an awesome burger and awesome sweet potato fries. When we came home, I fell asleep in one of the chairs, and didn't wake up until, like, 10.30pm when Katie and Max brought home more food from a nearby sub shop.

I stayed up late to watch Doctor Who. I hadn't seen the pirate episode, and I wasn't really impressed with it, but the Neil Gaiman episode, OMFG!!! It was amazing and I loved it so much!! (I think I'll post my thoughts on it on another day.)

Sunday I moved furniture with my mother and went to the grocery store. Today, slept in late and did some chores around the house.

I have a month and a day until I go to England for the Kiplin trip.

I have under a month until I go to the Scissor Sisters concert. (Which I need to bother Nicki about...)

I will be getting my hair cut! It shall be cute. I will be taking a picture of it, becaue I will be changing my Facebook picture with it.

I need a sad icon for these kinds of posts

I've been feeling quite depressed lately. My personal life pretty much exploded in my face in the past few weeks (due to a mix of me being stupid and several uncontrollable factors) and between feeling like a loser for fucking up the only three friendships I seemed to have made in ten months and feeling like a mature adult for not letting me and my feelings get run over again (and feeling like I can make new friends and that what I've done will eventually turn out to be okay) I just don't feel anything. No motivation. Very little joy. Lots of loneliness. And nothing/no one to distract me from it. I haven't felt this way in months and it just reminds me of how much I hate feeling this way. (Also, I'm getting close to my period, which always make me feel depressed. Fucking hormones.)

Week in Review (4/18-4/24)

Don't remember what happened Monday...

slept in, went to class, was promised Rita's but the goddamned rain runied it for us! Saw parts of Glee when I was hanging out with my friends, but spent most of the time working on a research paper.

Don't remember what happened Wednesday. Did go to sleep at a reasonable hour, because I came back to the dorm early because I thought it was going to storm and I didn't want to be stuck in the rain.

slept in again, went to class, got out of class early and went to the dining hall to have lunch and continue working on my research paper. Got a comfy seat on the third level and stayed until 7pm(ish) when I went over to the CAC for the EROS meeting. There were cookies. Also, got into a bit of a tiff with Katie (Not Sister) over whether or not I was eating. (I mentioned how I should deserve a cookie for referring Amanda (Future Roommate) to her new, less soul-destroying job. Her response, "Why aren't you eating?" My response: "I'm not anorexic!" Yeah...mature...)

had some delicious cake-thing in English Lit. We're starting the Victorian Era lit and the teacher wanted to give us Victorian Era British food. Two boys did a presentation on food. Not much happened in Britain, food-wise. In Intro to Poetry, we were split into groups to grammatically rearrange a poem. Ended up in the group that had Hot Deaf Kid. He actually sat next to me. *heart melts* Afterwards, one of his signers (who I'm pretty sure is related to him) told me I looked very pretty that day. Went to lunch, stayed in DH until way after dinner, working (and finishing!!) my research paper. Got winked at by "God" (the dude played God in a theater production) in a very ambiguous way... Spent dinner writing research paper and talking to the girl who lives across the hall from me. Laundry until 11.15p(ish). All my friends had gone home by then. :( Actually, they had been gone since about 2.30p. D: Watched Karen Gillin on Craig Fergusson. :D

Woke up early, got on shuttle, got on train, got in car, drove to Pottsville to see my dad's grave, got in car again to see Pat the Priest. Had delicious (and fattening, no doubt) pork, salad, pasta. Watched Doctor Who with Madre (she didn't like how it switched between funny and scary and she didn't like The Silence). Watched Polkafest until I nearly peed myself laughing. Stayed up late looking for Neggs on Neopets (my new, free addiction since the death of my Sims) and thinking about Doctor Who.

Went to church (first time since Christmas). Dug through my Easter basket. Went to brunch and got weird looks for ordering coffee. (Even the waitress judged me for ordering coffee!) Went back to rectory, talked a bit, got in car and drove to Chestertown. Got Ritas. :D Got a coupon for Ritas. :DD Came back to dorm, unpacked and folded laundry I didn't fold on Friday night, got back on Neopets to see half my bug farm dead. D:

I think it was a good week...

Dear diary...

Today was actually a pretty good day. I didn't have my first class (my teacher got sick) and then I had the single most intense test I think I ever took. It was intense because I had fifteen minutes of a fifty minute class to write five comprehensible mini-essays. (Time management is not my strong suit.) I managed to finish it though, like two minutes before the next class started. But it was so weird, I could feel my pulse in my neck. I have never felt that before. IT WAS FUCKING WEIRD!!

After class I went to the Lit House to chill and maybe get some coffee and there I stumbled upon a surprise event. These two journalists who were a part of a year-long series of journalist visits about labor journalism and whenever the journalists came, they would have an informal chat in the Lit House over food and stuff. So I show up and Mark Nowak is like, "Free pizza!" and I'm all "FUCK YES!" and then he introduced the journalists (it was a chick and a dude...I don't remember their names...) and I ended up sitting in through the chat that the journalists were having with the staff members of the school paper. It was really interesting and really cool. (And I got pizza.)

Then I got my packet o' fun stuffs for the Kiplin Hall trip this summer! :D It's the itinerary, info on Kiplin Hall (historical home of the Calverts and the Talbots--two of the major founding families in Maryland) and packets of literature that we need to read and bring on the trip.

Also, while it didn't happen today, I bought my tickets to the Scissor Sisters concert that happening in June. AAAAH! *jumpyjumpy*

lol my life...

Last night was awesome. I got tipsy last night on cheap wine and got on Facebook and Twitter and I found a Scissor Sisters concert that is near my house and that me and my friends can afford. It was epic.

I also changed my Donna icon (sexeh...)

and I found out today that I fucked up my poetry project. I had retooled the analysis of a poem (which was essentially the ENTIRE project) and didn't change my thesis. And the professor doesn't allow rewrites. :( But I still have the presentation before I get my final grade for this project. And hopefully I can regain points through lampshading my mistake. (I HOPEHOPEHOPE it works. Also, gonna admit my mistake to the prof tomorrow through email, even though it's not gonna help in any way...)

My life is pretty boring otherwise...

Oh, I had major registration fail Friday, when I was supposed to register for classes. I had to create an entirely new schedule because, fuck, all of my pre-chosen classes had been filled. (Then I talked to the professors and I think I can get into some of the classes, even if they are full. YAY!)

Outta Cape Cod tonight...

This weekend was Sophier Kerr Weekend, which, for my college, means that the winner of the Sophie Kerr Literary Prize is announced and prospies come to spend a night here at college. And I got to host a prospie (actually, pre-freshie because she is without a doubt coming here next year :D) and she was so awesome. She was the sweetest girl and she got along well with my friends and I can totally see her being sucessful here.

Also, I got to hear Natasha Tretheway (anyone know who that is?) read some poetry and omg. She was amazing. My pre-freshie said she thought she was going to start crying and I had to agree with her--not that I was going to start crying, but I was deeply moved by what she was reading. I really want to get one of her books of poetry (they should still be in the book store...) but I'm a bit worried about money right now. 'Cause I don't have any solid jobs for the summer and even a tiny little book of poetry is going to cost, like, fifteen bucks. (Speaking of money, I'm supposed to get a gift card for my "volunteer" work as a host--but that's just a perk, really.)

I got a care package from my mom. I GOT SOCKS! They are adorable socks. They have chicks and Easter-y stripes. And an iTunes giftcard, but really, I GOT SOCKS GUYS! AND THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!! :D

So this is what happens when your obsession has abandoned you...

Recently discovered the joy (or torture, whichever you prefer) of table communities. In fact, I've signed up for three of them. Three.

To be fair, one is a year-long venture and I'm not actively participating in one of them. And I thought, "Y'know, I'm gonna be busy lately and I'll need something to occupy the vacancy that The Sims has left. SO LET'S WRITE!"

I've also been getting more into commentfic than I was before.

I'm also going to try challenging myself to write more poetry. April is Poetry Month so I'll be trying to write 30 poems this month. And, fuck, maybe they'll be good.

Maybe losing The Sims isn't as bad as I first thought if I'm getting back to writing.